AndAnotherDay in 2021: Finding Our Purpose

2020 has been a real test of our wits. It’s thrown new challenges our way, but it’s also given us the opportunity to see the world a little differently. No matter what your opinion of the pandemic, masks, lockdowns and vaccines, it’s clearer than ever that the planet needs help, and technology can play a huge role in that.

With a good few years of experience under our belts, we’ve been able to use this year to reflect on the projects that felt particularly valuable to us. Namely, some of our charity clients. Our more recent work also feels substantially important too, having worked with ethical brands and market disruptors. In short, we love partnering with companies who want to make a positive impact on the world we live in – companies who need a strong-willed and morally-tuned technology partner. And what do you know… that’s us.

This isn’t a rebrand, but more of a refocus.


We are AndAnotherDay, and we work with people who share our belief that technology should benefit the world.


We’re developers and software engineers at heart, but our aspirations stretch much further than brilliant applications and websites. Through our work, we help companies with a cause to improve lives, strengthen communities and disrupt industries.

Fourth sector specialists

We’ve chosen to focus on the fourth sector. Because we feel it’s important to have a purpose. Our ethical approach to our work means that we can continue to deliver brilliant digital products for companies and organisations that share our key AndAnotherDay values:

  • Inclusivity
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Independence


The “fourth sector” is an emerging sector of the economy which consists of “for-benefit” organisations that combine market-based approaches of the private sector with the social and environmental aims of the public and non-profit sectors.


Back in September, we relaunched our blog and reintroduced ourselves as a dedicated design and development team building enterprise-class digital products for clients who want the best of technology. That was our positioning, and this refocus is our purpose. These two combined give us a laser-sharp roadmap for 2021 and a fire in our bellies to contribute beautiful and bespoke digital products to a world that needs technology like never before.



“After reading several books in the last six months, including most recently “Let My People Go Surfing”, I decided that we needed a direction for AndAnotherDay. Having lived a plant-based diet for 20 years, being an EV advocate for 5 years, and supporter of organisations such as Sea Shepherd, it feels natural that this direction for the business should be closely aligned with my own values.

“By using our skills, which were nurtured in the corporate world, we can help organisations educate individuals through digital platforms such as websites and online applications to get their message out there and effect change.

“In doing this, we feel that we are playing a small, but valuable part in a much bigger human story.”

— Keiron Roberts, Founder


If you’re a sector disruptor looking to challenge the status quo with a new way of doing things, and with the greater good in mind, we’d love to help. If you’re an ethical brand with firm and honest intentions whilst being conscious of the world around you, we’d love to partner with you. But most of all, if you’re like us, and you just really love technology and the fascinating ways that we can harness it to improve the lives of others, you’re amongst friends.

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