Web Development: It’s Not Just About Code and Programming

Developers. Basement-dwelling nerds surrounded by decaying slices of pizza and half-empty cans of Red Bull, hunched over a computer and staring at lines of code at three in the morning. It’s a tired and inaccurate stereotype, but one we’re all mature enough to be able to laugh at. Just about.

Despite the movies telling us otherwise, coding is not a domain of geeks and misfits. It’s a community of multi-skilled specialists helping businesses all over the world on their digital transformation journeys. The clue is in the name: development.

A good web development team will work with a client way beyond the code and programming aspect of a project. It’s simply not enough to take a brief, knock out a brochure website, hand over the keys, and hope for the best. At AndAnotherDay, we believe in offering a better, more inclusive service to our clients – one that not only finds the best solution before we start the work, but one that supports the client’s goals and objectives way beyond launch.

The clue is in the name: development. We want to show people how to use the web to their best advantage.


This starts up-front by listening to our clients to find out what they need their business to achieve and how a website or a custom digital product can get them there. We don’t want to sell basic out-of-the-box websites or CRMs that aren’t the correct fit. We want to tailor a beautiful, bespoke solution that is not only a direct answer to the brief, but excels the brief and delivers value in places the client didn’t know they needed it.

We will suggest:

  • Ways they can make themselves more appealing online
  • How they can improve their processes
  • How they can commoditise their site or tool
  • Which additional technologies they could consider
  • How to market their business using CRM tools



This might sound like those annoying upsells you get at the counter when you’re just trying to buy a single product. But websites have come a long way, and a launch looks a little different these days. Whether you’re a startup or a big corporate, your team really should be thinking about marketing strategy, customer journeys, analytics, brand, and the myriad options of tools to tie this all together. What we’re trying to say is that we want to empower you with everything you need to make your business perform and stand-out online.

It’s about finding out what is right for the client, not chasing down the PO and moving on to the next one.


Honesty is the best policy

Whilst we don’t have that written on a piece of driftwood in a brush script font and hung above our door, it’s still something we stand by. We will be open if we aren’t the right fit for a project, or if the path that the client is going down isn’t the correct one. We aren’t afraid to say “no” or have those awkward conversations. Businesses have been burned when it comes to digital product delivery, and whilst there are always lessons to be learned in those situations, we’d much rather face the music sooner rather than later. It’s about finding out what is right for the client, not chasing down the PO and moving on to the next one.



We want people to use the web to their best advantage. It can be utilised by anybody wanting to improve their lives or the lives of others. There is no idea too big, too ridiculous, too unrealistic. You just need a great team of specialists to get you there. Whether you call them developers, web designers, or basement-dwelling nerds (please don’t), you’ll know you’ve found a good team when they want to talk to you about your entire goal, not just the website deliverable.

That’s us. If you have a goal, tell us about it. We’d love to help. We use our skills, developed over many years, to create digital products for customers who want the best from the web.