Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is the art of creating and sharing useful content like blog articles, ebooks and social posts in order to attract consumers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.


To attract potential customers we work with you to curate the best topics of content to market. Content marketing has changed greatly over the years and we’ve adapted our approach every step of the way, continuing to innovate new ways of marketing the right content to your readers. In 2011, a whitepaper containing heaps of information about Content Marketing. This revealed that in the first 5 months of a content marketing strategy, the cost per lead can be reduced by up to 80%.

Prove you’re the expert.

Everything you see and read online has been put together by someone to engage another person. Readers rely on their sources of information and expect concrete information, therefore, being an expert and proving you’re the expert are different. Your website must stand out in your field, with key topics understood and explained in great detail for your readers to engage with you and begin to trust you.

Our team and copywriters work together with you to stand out from your competitors, proving you’re the expert – something the inbound marketing industry calls Thought-Leadership. This can be in many formats, such as blog articles, service or product pages, ebooks, check-lists, whitepapers etc.

Our Approach

Strategy Planning: Working together, we create a content plan based on your industry, existing analytical data and your expertise.

Content Execution: Execute the plan, write and produce relevant content with help from our copywriters and expert inbound marketers.

Get sharing: Using multiple platforms and a wide range of tools along with our timed strategy we show the world that you are thought-leading experts in that topic

Analyse and Optimise: With regularly reviews, we analyse the performance of content and methods in order to optimise and improve our efforts, ensuring we maximise potential throughout.


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