Expanding beyond standard development technologies

Innovation Hub


Because a lot of projects in this category are unique we can’t discuss them with 3rd parties or publish details about them online. We always sign NDAs when requested, and take them seriously, although it’s not unusual for us to work on a project which is similar to a previous one.


If you have an idea for a complex system or app but aren’t ready to commit a lot of money yet, we can help.

We can help make your ideas into a reality using web-based technologies to create a proof of concept which you can use to get investment or to build an initial user base for testing.

Even if your idea is for an app we can build it in another language but you will still be able to test it on Android and Apple phones.


We have recently completed a proof of concept project which combined NFC chips, and IoT services sending messages over MQTT connected to a PHP framework that behaved like a native iPhone app, but without the expense.

We had regular calls with the client, Thingstream and the hardware programmer to quickly produce a proof of concept tool which was be videoed and sent to prospective investors.


VR and AR solutions coming soon.

Watch this space…