Google Analytics, Social Insights And Our Own Custom Reports

Reporting And Analytics

Monthly Reports

Knowing what’s happening with our digital marketing efforts is critical for us to understand what’s working for you, and what isn’t. We are constantly assessing what your target audience find appealing, what they are responding to and what is working.

We use the data we consume and analyse internally to create a detailed, but easy to read monthly report for you to read at your leisure. As well as the combined data from Google, Facebook and other sources we add our commentary to help you understand what we are doing and how we are interpreting the results. Sometimes inbound marketing can can a while to get going and we think it’s important that you know what’s going on regarding your visitors, your competitors and our decisions.

Quarterly Reviews

Every quarter we will sit down with you to run through the reports you’ve already received, the direction we would like to take the digital marketing down and our ambitions for the following 3 months. We will take this time to discuss any concerns you may have, listen to your thoughts and tailor our activities to work with your planes, such as exhibitions you might be attending.

Following our meeting we will come back with a plan for the next quarter for you to agree with so you know exactly what we plan to do.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is still very central to our assessment if your website’s SEO and visitor activity. We pour through the data, extract the parts which are relevant to your business, and use this to guide our digital marketing efforts.

If we decide Google Ads is part of your inbound campaign the analysising the data from Google becomes critical to make sure the money you’re spending on is directing visitors to the correct places.

Social Insights

Reading through the data we can access from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn helps us steer the posts we write, and how we direct your messaging to different audiences and make the efforts we put into your digital marketing. We can use the information to work out how different personas respond to different imagery, wording and even the time of day they are likely to interact.

Contact us today, and we can run a detailed report on your current website, your competitors activities and how we can help. We can also supply you with a sample of one of our monthly reports.

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