Brand Strategy

We use our own Brand Strategy formula to help GreenTech companies reveal their true identity, defining each of the elements and statements that we believe all truly great brands should own, forming a coherent narrative of your brand’s story.

Our view is that brands should be emotive and should aim to make their audiences feel a certain way. We are all human and we all feel; emotive brands are the ones that succeed in today’s marketplace. It makes no sense to overlook this.

Marty Neumeier  said that ‘a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company’.

At AndAnotherDay, we understand that we cannot force anyone to feel a certain way about your brand, but that our role is to influence that feeling as best we can, truthfully and with critical thinking, through a thorough and honest Brand Strategy.

To help you to uncover the real identity of your brand we go through a series of exercises which we tailor depending on the needs, stage and complexities of your organisation. We’ll look in detail at your business to understand its origins, ambitions, motivations, aims, objectives, drivers and so on.

We’ll discuss these topics with you in person, virtually or in any number of branding workshops as required. We can then begin to fit the information we uncover into our framework. From here we build and together refine the narrative that clearly explains the key elements of your brand’s personality to the world.

We translate all this information into a set of statements and explanations that allow audiences – internal and external – to identify with your motivations, understand the purpose and allow everyone to work towards a shared vision.

When complete, you’ll have all the tools you need in order to talk to your audiences confidently and from a place of authenticity, creating a consistent brand language that your audiences will come to recognise, identify with and ideally, agree on.

With a thoughtfully defined and truthful Brand Strategy in place, everything then exists for the formation of an equally authentic visual identity.