Visual Identity

Our visual Identity process follows directly from the Brand Strategy work. Using the content generated during the Brand Strategy phase we take key words and themes and use them to develop a visual language that accurately represents the nature of your business, whether it be literally or through metaphor and visual themes.

The exact nature of the items included in the Visual Identity process differ from one brand to the next, but in general focus on visually translating keywords, phrases and themes from the Brand Strategy into any number of the following items:

  • Brand/company naming
  • Logo/logotype: Design or redesign
  • Colour: Palettes, theory and themes
  • Type: Font choice, typographic styles and systems
  • Graphics: Shapes, lines, super-graphic or graphic/brand identifier
  • Iconography: Inspirations and styles
  • Illustration: Styles, uses, inspirations, origins
  • Imagery: Image themes, inspirations, styles and uses
  • Layout and content treatments
  • Motion and movement
  • Stylescapes: Development – 3 concepts

Initially we generate concepts of the brand through the use of stylescapes. Through this process we refine the brand’s overall look and feel together through a feedback loop, and from there go on to further develop each element in isolation as and where necessary.