Organisations, institutions, and governments worldwide have entrusted us to deliver digital solutions to solve their challenges.

We are proud to be a partner in the Hyperloop Development Programme, and to be invited to participate in discussions at the UN headquarters in New York.

The Team

We are a home-based organisation with the team located in the UK and in South America. We are proud of our small team who are a skilled, talented, and approachable group of individuals of a wide range of capabilities.

Each team member is responsible for understanding our clients needs, leading the discussions with the rest of the team, delivering the projects and keeping it on track. We don’t employ levels of management who can get in the way of efficient project delivery.

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Giving Back

Since the begining, we have been members of One Percent for the Planet. 1%FTP is an international organisation whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes to protect the environment. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews in 2002 to “encourage more businesses to donate 1% of sales to environmental groups”.

Our Approach

Most technology programs have along list of features and functions and there is often a desire to have all of them perfected before beta testing. Even an MVP can have more features than is necessary – some functions are more important than others and MoSCow prioritisation should be strictly adhered to. Whether resources are tight or not, we will focus on delivering and testing the essential features first to help deliver projects on time, to budget, and keeping all stakeholders delighted. Spending time and money on unimportant functional tests is not only wasteful but can also distract attention from the stuff that matters most and could cause us to overlook critical flaws.

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Solving Complex Problems

The best way to solve complex problems is to dedicate a small team of talented people to it. Large teams tend to dilute the talents of the members and individuals become less proactive. Relying on small groups of smart people and resisting constant organisational growth helps keep decision making close to the action and ensures that things are handled by the smallest possible competent entity.

A technical development project aims to deliver an affordable piece of technology that is available when needed and effective when used. Programmatic and technical  constraints support that goal, bringing it within reach  and ensuring alignment between the object and the user’s needs.

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Modular designs and open standards are key elements in our software projects. By adopting modular designs, we can break down complex systems into smaller, reusable modules, enhancing code maintainability and scalability. Open standards ensure interoperability and compatibility, enabling seamless integration with existing technologies and fostering collaboration. Together, modular designs and open standards promote efficiency, adaptability, and future-proofing in software development.

We embrace the power of modularity and openness to drive innovation, reduce costs, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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The future is difficult to predict, so the further out we extend the time horizon, the more unpredictable the landscape becomes. By creating solutions for the short term we deliver digital solutions that are fit for purpose and that are put into the hands of the intended audience, sooner. Although our technology projects may be oriented toward the near future, our ability to consistently produce them is a long-term strategic strength which still allows us to do long-term thinking, particularly when they are widely adopted, which then leads to features to be added sooner.

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