Innovating For Climate Action

Aligned with the UN’s thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal, our company can build digital platforms to support climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Risk Assessment Tools

We can develop AI-powered simulation models to analyse geographic, infrastructure, economic, and health risk factors to help countries and cities assess vulnerabilities and prioritise climate adaptation strategies.

Community Resilience Hubs

Our mobile and web apps can provide localised information on climate threats, response plans, and resources to help communities build resilience through preparedness and early warning systems.

Carbon Accounting Platforms

We can create greenhouse gas accounting tools for companies to calculate emissions across operations and supply chains, identifying reduction opportunities and tracking progress.

Renewable Energy Management

Using IoT sensors and cloud analytics, we can optimise energy generation, storage and distribution for off-grid renewable micro-grids and net-zero buildings.

Participatory Climate Platforms

Our digital platforms can connect climate activists, voters, lawmakers and officials to coordinate advocacy campaigns and grassroots climate policy initiatives.

Climate Education Apps

We can build mobile apps with augmented reality climate visualisations and virtual reality field trips to make climate science engaging and accessible to all age groups globally.

We create applications for a climate-positive future.


Innovative digital products for organisations and businesses who align with the UN SDGs

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