Our discovery phase will allow us to gain a deep insight into your product in order to help you get the most out of it and understand any areas for improvements so it can meet the changing demands of the consumer.

Successful digital projects require a structured approach to ensure their effectiveness and meet the needs of our clients. That’s why we prioritise the discovery phase as an integral part of our project development programme.

The discovery phase is the initial stage of a digital project where we delve deep into understanding our clients’ goals, objectives, and requirements. It is a crucial step that sets the foundation for a successful project by ensuring clarity and alignment between our team and our clients.

During the discovery phase, our experienced team works closely with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their organisation, target audience, and unique challenges. We conduct in-depth discussions, interviews, and workshops to gather insights, explore possibilities, and define project objectives.

One of the key objectives of the discovery phase is to identify and analyse the specific needs and pain points of our clients. By thoroughly understanding their requirements, we can tailor our solutions to address their challenges effectively. This phase allows us to align our vision with our clients’ goals and expectations, ensuring a smooth and successful project outcome.

In addition, the discovery phase helps us define the scope and deliverables of the project accurately. Through collaborative discussions, we establish project milestones, timelines, and resource requirements. This meticulous planning ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the project’s scope, enabling us to provide accurate cost estimates and timelines.

Moreover, the discovery phase serves as an opportunity for our clients to gain insights into the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. Our team shares their expertise and provides recommendations on innovative solutions that can maximise the project’s potential and deliver exceptional results.

Throughout the discovery phase, we encourage open communication and collaboration between our team and our clients. We believe that a transparent and collaborative approach leads to better outcomes. We listen carefully to our clients’ ideas, concerns, and feedback, incorporating their input into the project plan to ensure their vision is realised.

By investing time and effort in the discovery phase, we lay a solid foundation for the rest of the project’s lifecycle. It allows us to minimise risks, avoid potential pitfalls, and optimise the overall project development process. Through thorough research, analysis, and collaboration, we ensure that our solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique needs, resulting in successful digital projects that exceed expectations.

Digital Viability

If you’ve got through the hard part of creating up an idea or concept, and you want to take to the next stage but you’re not sure if it will stand the test of time, we are here to help you.

We can help do the research and background for your idea to focus on understanding how viable your idea is from a digital product perspective.

We’ll initially take a deeper look into the concept and its ins and outs, as well as what technology will be needed to to create the idea and turn it into a reality.

We will then have a look into the viability within orders of magnitude and whether it is commercially viable. This is then followed by looking into its market fit and whether there is a demand for the product through market and user research.

Finally we’ll come to a conclusion from an objective view into whether the product sounds like it will work.

Technical Architecture

Once we’ve gone through the digital viability of your idea, we can then help you take it into the next stage of understanding exactly the different ways you can create your product.

We will take a deeper dive into the technology and technical details needed to create your product.

We will start by looking into the different routes you could take to get to an end result of your product. This is done by doing more research into the specific details of your product and what the architecture and design would look like.

Our process will create various paths that you could take to move to your product and how it would look with the different options, as well as pros and cons for each one so you can make an informed decision.

Concept Design

Once you’ve gone through the hard part of thinking up a great idea, we can help you conceptualise it and start mapping out how the end product will look and feel.

We will help you by first looking into the journey needed to turn your idea into a product, mapping out a brief path to get from A to B.

This is then followed by conceptualising the look and feel of the product and understanding what the final screens of the product will look like. This will allow you to finally bring your idea to life and see the potential end product.


After you’ve understand what you want from your product, including the overall look and feel, and the different options you could take to get there, we can help you connect these together to create a prototype.

We will start by making the product journeys and screens and connecting them so we can make them real and create a proper prototype for you to see and touch.

You can then use this prototype to put in the hands of the user and get some real feedback on in order to make some tweaks or changes before you create the final product.


If you’ve got an existing product thats already out in the market but you want to find areas for improvements or any potential changes that could be made then we can help you with an audit.

We will look into your consumers and the market needs as well as all aspects of your product in order to help you improve.

We will first look into the design, the technology, and product strategy of your product in detail in order to see if there are any areas for improvements or aspects that could be changed to better suit the market.

This is then followed by understanding what impact the product is creating on the market and its consumers, as well as what value it is delivering back to you.

We will then make recommendations off the back of our research into what could be improved.


Digital Launch Strategy

Our Digital Launch Strategy aims to help you plan our exactly how you are going to launch your product and all the points within the launch that you need to focus on and understand.

We will undertake all the research into your product, market and strategy for you so when you come to launch you can feel confident and follow the plan step by step.

This process includes us understanding all aspects of your product strategy, including the details of your product, and who its aimed at as well as its purpose.

We will also focus on who we are talking to when we marketing and launching the product, as well as the impact you want to create with it.

This is then followed by looking into the KPI’s and outcomes so we can get a clear path of how you are going to launch your product.


Future Enhancements

As your product is out in the market for a longer time, you’ll inevitably want to make some changes and improvements to continue matching your customer needs.

Whether it’s a new feature adding in or just a change to something already on there, we can help you with these feature enhancements.

If you want a change making to your application, as long as it’s not a whole shift within the application, we can do it for you.

We will understand exactly what you want and what your scope is for this pre-defined feature and make this enhancement as best as we can so you can get the most of it.



Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy will help you fully comprehend your current data as well as your future data in order to understand how you can use this in the future.

We’ll initially focus on looking into your current data, the data you’re going to get and the data you need to get in the future.

This is then followed by helping you understand what you can do with this data, whether thats helping you tell a certain story with your data or showing you how to get a certain place with your current data.

Digital Branding

At AndAnotherDay we understand how important it is for your brand to show your true identity in order to allow your customers to get a clear understanding of who exactly you are. We are here to help you do this.

We will focus on creating a new visual identity and language for your new digital product in its own right and ensure that the final look and feel sits behind your company values in a strategic way.

To help you to uncover the real identity of your brand we’ll go through a series of exercises which we tailor depending on the needs of your organisation. We’ll look in detail at your business to understand its origins, ambitions, motivations, aims, objectives, drivers and so on.

We will then refine your brand narrative and map out the key elements of your brand, so we can create a visual identity for you and your brand including name, colour, style guide, logo and overall look and feel.


Once your product has been in the market for 12 months or more, its the perfect time to take another in depth look at it and make sure theres no room for improvement or any changes that should be made. We at AndAnotherDay can do this for you so you can get the most out of your product.

Once you’ve built a digital product and launched it, we can help you take another look at it and make sure theres no further improvements to be made and ensure it’s all running smoothly.

This includes running a hygiene approach to come back to the product and re-do the discovery phase to make any recommendations for changes that will ultimately make the product the best it can be.

Application Development

Whether you need a web app, a mobile app or a physical digital installation, we can take you through all the stages of the process to design and build your app.

We can use our knowledge to create a smooth process and we’ll keep working with you until you’ve got the perfect app that ticks all the boxes.

We will focus on understanding exactly what you want from your app based on your scope, including the features as well as the look and feel of it.

We will ensure we’ve got the right strategic input and are following industry standards for the development and design to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Design Language

Our Design Language is an extension of the digital branding we can offer for you so you can get your product into the best shape possible.

We take your product’s style guide one step further to create a living design language that help you understand exactly how the digital product and application should behave.

Within this process we take a more detailed look into your product. We know what the colours and branding is but we then focus on the details of what different components look like and what the different elements of the components look like.

We create a real level of technical design details, and will even look into the motion and sound of your product to create a consistent design language that can be applied to your entire product range so consumers can get your brand feel solely from the design language



Creative Product Innovation

Here at AndAnotherDay we understand the need to be able to launch smaller products rapidly.

We can support you in the designing, developing and implementing of your software applications, websites and digital branding so you can take it to market quickly.

We focus on enabling you to rapidly conceptualise and develop new products even if they’re not core to your product offering.

Within this process we’ll quickly take you through the design and building of your product, whether its a large feature or stand alone product.




Proof Of Concept

If you’re currently building a product, or going to the process of planning to build it, we can help you proof the system and bring things together to ensure your solution will run smoothly when it goes to market.

We’ll take you through a rapid approach to understanding whether your product is ready and able to launch or whether there is still some room for improvement or changes that need to be made.

Software Development Kit

Everything we create in the design language and digital branding aspects of creating your product has corresponding code that we put in this SDK.

We can help you utilise the SDK and help you grow it overtime in order to build cost efficiency when you come to develop new products in the future.

The SDK is a library of assets and elements that allows us to create new products/applications much faster and smoothly. And ensures that all products being created are using the same digital language and branding to bring everything together.

We will ensure there is just one source of truth that holds all the relevant information that our product teams will add to when create a new product, and development teams can use when needed.

Product Development Programme

Here at AAD, we can take over the continuous product development of your application or system for 6 or 12 months based on your needs.

Our Product Development Programme will give you a continuously sprinting development team who are focused on constantly improving your product.

Our team will work to your product backlog and roadmap so we can make any necessary changes and improvements and constantly build and evolve the app on a programme basis.

We will also take over the support and maintenance of your product for as long as you need so you don’t need to worry about anything.


Transition To Internal

Once your product has been developed and launched, we will continue in charge of it until you are ready for us to transition it to your internal team. And we will help you along with this transition, ensuring we have a thorough handover and training process, so you feel confident with everything.

We will manage the whole process for you. Firstly we’ll migrate the code, the training and development and up-skilling of your team. As well as ensuring your team has the background knowledge and training to take control.

We can also help you build out your team if necessary through advising the structure and roles needed to make the best possible team in order to ensure a successful transition.

Support And Maintenance

Code is always changing and needs to be maintained constantly and we know the stress it takes to do this.

So we’re here to take this pressure off and can give you as much or as little support and maintenance you want. We will be there to fix any problems with your code, big or small, as fast as possible.

We offer 3 different support options with different levels of time committed to help you fix any issues with your code; Office hours, extended hours or 24/7 support.

If something goes wrong you can get in touch with us in a variety of ways and we will be there to look at the problem and make an assessment based on the SLA. We will then fix this problem based on its level of importance.




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