We understand the power of prototyping in the digital innovation process. Our Prototyping service is designed to help you quickly and effectively test and refine your digital concepts, ensuring they meet user needs and business goals before investing in full-scale development.

Our Approach

Our Prototyping process is fast-paced, iterative, and focused on validation. It typically includes:

  1. Prototype Planning: We’ll work with you to determine the scope and fidelity of the prototype needed to effectively test your concept, considering factors such as user flows, key interactions, and hypotheses to validate.
  2. Rapid Prototyping: Our designers will quickly create interactive prototypes using industry-leading tools such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD, focusing on the critical aspects of the user experience.
  3. User Testing: We’ll put the prototype in front of real users, observing their interactions and gathering feedback to identify areas for improvement.
  4. Iteration: Based on user feedback and insights, we’ll rapidly iterate on the prototype, refining and improving the user experience.
  5. Stakeholder Review: We’ll present the refined prototype to key stakeholders, gathering feedback and buy-in before moving into detailed design and development.
  6. Design Handoff: Once the prototype is approved, we’ll create detailed design specifications and assets to guide the development process.


Through our Prototyping service, you’ll receive:

  • Interactive, clickable prototypes
  • User testing insights and recommendations
  • Iterated and refined prototypes
  • Detailed design specifications and assets
  • Ongoing prototyping support and guidance

Benefits of Prototyping

By incorporating Prototyping into your digital innovation process, you’ll:

  • Validate and refine your concepts early, before investing in full-scale development
  • Identify and address user experience issues early, saving time and resources
  • Gather valuable user insights to inform design and development decisions
  • Build stakeholder confidence and buy-in through tangible, interactive demonstrations
  • Accelerate your time to market by streamlining the design and development process

Get Started

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