Transition To Internal

We’re committed to not only delivering exceptional digital innovations but also ensuring our clients are equipped to maintain and evolve these solutions over the long term. Our Transition to Internal service is designed to help you build and onboard an internal team to take over the ongoing development, maintenance, and support of your digital product after our initial engagement.

Our Transition Process

Our Transition to Internal process is carefully structured to ensure a smooth, efficient handover of your digital product to your new internal team:

  1. Team Structure Planning: We start by working with you to define the optimal structure and roles for your internal team, considering factors such as your product roadmap, technical requirements, and company culture.
  2. Talent Acquisition Support: We can assist you in recruiting the right talent for your internal team, leveraging our network and expertise to identify candidates with the necessary skills and experience.
  3. Knowledge Transfer and Documentation: We compile comprehensive documentation of your product’s architecture, codebase, and operational processes, and conduct thorough knowledge transfer sessions to ensure your internal team has a deep understanding of the product.
  4. Pair Programming and Shadowing: Our developers work side-by-side with your internal team through pair programming and shadowing, providing hands-on guidance and real-time knowledge sharing.
  5. Incremental Responsibility Transfer: We gradually transfer responsibility for the product to your internal team, starting with minor tasks and progressing to full ownership, ensuring they are comfortable and confident in their new roles.
  6. Ongoing Advisory Support: Even after the transition is complete, we remain available as trusted advisors, providing guidance and support as needed to ensure your internal team’s long-term success.

Benefits of Our Transition to Internal Service

By leveraging our Transition to Internal service, you’ll:

  • Build an internal team that is deeply knowledgeable about your digital product and equipped to drive its ongoing success
  • Ensure continuity and minimise disruption during the transition from our team to yours
  • Accelerate your internal team’s ramp-up time through hands-on guidance and comprehensive knowledge transfer
  • Retain access to our expertise and support even after the transition is complete
  • Maximise the long-term ROI of your digital innovation by enabling in-house maintenance and evolution
  • Gain the autonomy and capabilities to steer your product’s future direction according to your unique business needs and vision

Get Started

Ready to build an internal team to take your digital product forward? Contact us today to learn more about how our Transition to Internal service can help you smoothly and successfully transfer ownership to an in-house team.

We will manage the whole process for you. Firstly we’ll migrate the code, the training and development and up-skilling of your team. As well as ensuring your team has the background knowledge and training to take control.

We can also help you build out your team if necessary through advising the structure and roles needed to make the best possible team in order to ensure a successful transition.


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