Supply Chain Net Zero Tool

Building a Tool Measure Scopes 1,2, and 3 for Supply Chains

Client Aklimate
UN SDGs 07 Affordable And Clean Energy 09 Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure 13 Climate Action
ImpactUnited Kingdom
TechnologiesPHP, MySQL

01 Introduction

Aklimate, an early-stage startup focused on tackling carbon emissions in enterprise value chains approached AndAnotherDay with the objective of creating a fully functioning tool to demonstrate their ideas to potential customers and investors. The project involved transforming existing Excel calculations into a user-friendly tool and developing a subscription-based application to calculate and visualise carbon emissions.

Aklimate, previously known as Club Zero, was a startup founded by two entrepreneurs with a vision to address carbon emissions in enterprise value chains. They had already initiated a brand refresh and had some progress in developing carbon emission calculations using spreadsheets. However, they needed a more robust and interactive solution to showcase their ideas to stakeholders.

AndAnotherDay’s expertise in transforming spreadsheets into web applications made them the ideal partner for Aklimate. The project involved mapping out various options, variations, and conditional settings to create a user-friendly tool accessible to individuals with limited knowledge of carbon emissions and offsetting.

02 The Project

The primary objective of the project was to develop a web application that could effectively demonstrate Aklimate’s carbon emissions calculation methodology to potential customers and investors. Additionally, the application needed to be scalable, allowing access to wider teams, historical data visualisation, and comparison.

The project scope expanded beyond the initial subscription-based model to accommodate team collaboration, historical data analysis, and visual representation. AndAnotherDay created a visual collaboration area where both teams could meet remotely, exchange ideas, and collaborate on the application’s design and functionality.

The application’s design and user experience were carefully considered, leveraging AndAnotherDay’s expertise in UI/UX design. Prototyping was done using a powerful design and collaboration tool, incorporating insights from calculation and mapping workshops. A fully working prototype was developed, allowing for a comprehensive testing of the tool’s usability and accessibility.

Given the time constraints, the development approach focused on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) in the shortest possible time. AndAnotherDay utilized rapid development tools, including a common PHP framework, which allowed for the installation and adaptation of packages to meet the project’s specific requirements. While this approach prioritized speed, a longer-term solution using a JavaScript framework would have been preferred.

Aklimate’s platform aimed to address the 80% of enterprise emissions embedded in their value chains. It empowered procurement teams to engage thousands of suppliers, measure their carbon footprints, and implement reduction initiatives. The platform facilitated data gathering from suppliers and provided effective tools for decarbonisation.

Following their collaboration with AndAnotherDay, Aklimate expanded its team by welcoming a third founder and building an internal development team. They actively participated in key industry events, such as the ClimateTech Council and Tech Zero, and secured a spot on the prestigious Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics list. Most notably, Aklimate received investment backing from Y Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator that has supported successful ventures like Airbnb, Stripe, and Dropbox.

03 Conclusion

The collaboration between AndAnotherDay and Aklimate resulted in the successful development of a web application that effectively showcased Aklimate’s approach to carbon emissions in enterprise value chains. The MVP provided a tangible and demonstrable tool for engaging potential customers and investors. Aklimate’s progress in securing investment from Y Combinator and their involvement in influential industry events positioned them for accelerated growth and increased impact.

Throughout the project, key lessons were identified. It became clear that limitations of Excel for complex calculations necessitated a more robust and scalable solution. The importance of rapid prototyping and continuous collaboration was emphasised to ensure alignment between stakeholders and the development team. Additionally, the need for long-term technological choices that prioritise scalability.

Shortly after working with AndAnotherDay Aklimate was joined by a third Founder, who has helped build an internal development team. They have also been highly active at the ClimateTech Council, Tech Zero and made the Plug and Play supply Chain & Logistics list.

Biggest news is that Aklimate has been backed by Y Combinator, the leading startup accelerator in the world, investing in the likes of Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Coinbase & Reddit, Inc. With their support, they have ambitions to accelerate and massively scale up their impact.


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