Innovating For Affordable And Clean Energy

Aligned with the UN’s seventh Sustainable Development Goal, our company can create digital platforms to expand access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.

Energy Monitoring Systems

By integrating smart meters, IoT sensors, and real-time analytics, we can develop energy monitoring and management systems for homes, buildings, and grid operators to track usage, optimise efficiency, and balance supply and demand.

Renewable Microgrids

We can build IoT-enabled solutions to develop and control local renewable energy microgrids in remote areas using solar, wind, and battery storage, providing sustainable electricity access without relying on diesel generators.

Electric Mobility Platforms

Our mobile and web applications can enable access to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for communities worldwide through tracking, booking, payment and incentives for adopting sustainable transport.

Distributed Clean Energy Marketplaces

Our digital platforms can connect distributed clean energy providers like rooftop solar panel owners to sell excess generation to local households and businesses, increasing access to renewable power.

Energy Education Portals

We can develop online portals with videos, training materials and 3D simulations to make virtual energy education accessible. This can up-skill workers to support clean energy systems locally and globally.

Energy Conservation Apps

Our mobile apps can use persuasive technology, nudges and gamification to influence user behaviour and promote household energy conservation, helping individuals contribute towards sustainability.

With our clients, we co-create the next wave of innovations for our clean energy future.


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