Innovating For Responsible Consumption

Aligned with the UN’s twelfth Sustainable Development Goal, our company can create digital platforms to enable sustainable consumption, production, and circularity.

Sustainable Lifestyle Apps

We can develop engaging mobile apps that provide users with personalised challenges and rewards to reduce waste, conserve resources, and make eco-friendly shopping and lifestyle choices.

Product Passports

Our blockchain solutions can create digital passports for products containing sustainability information like origin, materials, carbon footprint, and disposal guidance, enabling ethical purchasing.

Automated Waste Sorting

We can build AI-powered systems using computer vision and robotics to identify and sort different types of waste automatically to support efficient recycling.

Circular Supply Chains

Our platforms can connect businesses across supply chains to track assets and optimise reuse, redistribution, refurbishment, and recycling of products and materials.

Sustainability Analytics For Businesses

By gathering environmental and social metrics, we can provide companies with digital dashboards and data analytics to identify hotspots, simulate improvement scenarios, and track sustainability performance.

Renewable Energy Marketplaces

Our apps and web portals can enable businesses to buy and sell excess renewable energy with each other, incentivising local clean power generation and usage.

We’re helping to pioneer innovations for sustainable living.


Innovative digital products for organisations and businesses who align with the UN SDGs

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